Marching Like the March Hare…

Good evening tiddlypeeps. Just a quick update as to where I am with my fitness goals. Today I have walked almost 5km! And have, for the second time in about two months, smashed my 6000 step target on my Samsung Health app. I’ve also been trying to get myself to bed at the same time each night, so that I am not studying into the wee hours of the morning. Still struggling with early morning get ups, but I suppose that will come in time. And on Monday evening, I finally tried out Miranda Hart’s Maracattack DVD. It was a Christmas gift from the ex circa 2014, and at the time I did indeed have a pair of maracas to do the fitness routine, but after moving into my own abode in 2016, I have no idea where they ended up. In the junk cupboard upstairs perhaps? Anyways, I bought myself a new pair from Amazon in January. So, how did I get on? Well, I got myself through the warm-up okay, no problems there, but during the twenty minute cardio session, I found myself to be very uncoordinated. But, I enjoyed myself. I need to practice the ‘crazy crab’ moves (you have to watch the DVD to understand what I am talking about). For the bits I couldn’t do, I just walked backwards and forwards shaking the maracas in the style of Bez from the Happy Mondays. The DVD froze a little after I had trotted in a circle like a horse to the left and to the right, and waved the maracas in the air like a lasso. And I was like…’Oh no! I haven’t even got to the part where Gary (Tom Ellis) comes in!’

Over the course of the past week, mainstream and social media has been awash with the interview with Harry and Meghan with Oprah Winfrey, and subsequent reactions to it. I myself did not watch the broadcast at the time, as I felt I had seen the highlights in the week leading up to it. But that doesn’t mean to say that I didn’t take on board what was discussed in the interview. In regards to speaking out about mental health, whomever you may be, even in 2021, you are damned if you do and damned if you don’t. There will be plenty of people who will show empathy, however there will also be people who have no direct understanding or experience of what you have personally gone through and will give their opinions anyway. My point to this, if you do suffer from mental health issues, there are organisations out there that can help if you are struggling to find the support that you need. – this website is provided by Chasing the Stigma and you can download the app from Google Play or the App Store. It offers support for a variety of mental health issues and allows you to filter services in your area by entering in your postcode in the search bar on the website/app. – a website dedicated to managing your mental wellbeing. I follow them on Instagram, and you can also access their services via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest.

I had tried to include the link for CALM – The Campaign Against Living Miserably, however I am unable to do so, and apologise for the inconvenience caused here. CALM is a nationwide helpline and resource specifically for men’s mental health. I have am not sure how to remove the broken link. – Promoting better mental health for everyone. – Rethink Mental Illness. Helping to improve the lives of those affected by mental illness by offering information and support. – Offering support and counselling to those who are bereaved. – 24/7 Support for those going through crisi.

These are just a selection of the services that are available here in the UK, and I am sure that many more exist via a search on Google. Remember, that there will always be someone that will listen to you no matter how big or small your problem is. Take care tiddlypeeps xxx

Twenty-Twenty-One…How’s it Going for You?

Greetings tiddlypeeps. This time last year, I was full of hope for the year ahead. This time I have hope, but in small doses. I guess if I have no expectations of how this year is going to pan out, then I am not really going to be disappointed. But…

It’s been a busy few months for me so far with my OU studies. Halfway through my A222 Exploring philosophy module already, and it’s going well so far. My current assignment is on an emotive topic, however my tutor has been supportive, empathetic and extremely helpful. This year I approached my assignments from the perspective that if I pass at 40% then anything above that is a bonus. So, I was genuinely surprised with my results coming in a lot higher than I expected. With lockdown and its current restrictions, I’m glad that I still have my studies to focus on. Carefully balanced with a healthy amount of procrastination in front of the TV, watching box-sets galore. Seriously, it’s shocking the amount of hours I can while away. Take Downton Abbey for starters. And my latest is Schitt’s Creek on All 4.

The delectable Mr.B and I regulary video call each other and message throughout the day. I’m just looking forward to when we can spend quality time with each other again. He’s recently started AAT Level 2 Accountancy and has more module books than me!

What else is new in my world? Well, after gaining weight during lockdown, I have signed myself up to Couch to Fitness, which is a nine-week free exercise programme from Our Parks. You can sign up via your smartphone or laptop, and they have so many different programmes to choose from. If you have a Smart TV, you can link up the videos from your smartphone. The course that I am doing is aimed at those returning to exercise after some time away from it. There are three videos per week, with a rest day in between, and each video lasts for approximately thirty minutes or so. The content is varied and so far I have completed the first two videos for week one, and really enjoyed them. If you are interested in what Our Parks has to offer, you can find them at:

Another thing I am trying to do is to get out for a daily walk for thirty minutes. Difficult to do over the past week with the extremes of winter, however it has made me feel better afterwards. If anything, it’s helped to shift a rotten cold that lingered for most of January.

And on that bombshell, I’m off the wooden hills to Bedfordshire. Goodnight tiddlypeeps xxx

Lockdown blues…

So, here we are again, in the middle of a month long lockdown. Just over two weeks before we find out what we will be able or not able to do during Christmas. Whether we will be able to keep to the support bubbles that we have already formed, or whether we will be able to mix with extended families. Rumours in the media are talking of a month long lockdown in January 2021; and it’s the uncertainty and limbo surrounding this that I’m sure is affecting so many people here in the UK. Thankfully, we live in an age where technology can keep us virtually connected, however, this is not the same as hugging a member of your family in person or spending quality time with them. My thoughts go out to those who have lost family members due to Covid-19 and other illnesses. And my thoughts are with those, who, like myself, live on their own or are continuing to self-isolate or sheild at home. I hope that you are keeping well.

There, you have it. Nothing too optimistic nor too pessimistic. Take care of yourselves tiddlypeeps x x x

Counting Down the Days…

Thankfully, I was discharged from hospital on Monday 8th June.  The past few weeks have seen me recovering at my Mum’s, whilst repair work is being completed on my humble abode.  It’s surreal for me to have gone from being surrounded by people – patients and NHS staff; to it mainly being just me and Mum.  Having ventured outside for walks and the odd trip to the supermarket, with the onus on odd I may add, I have mainly wanted to hibernate on the sofa for several hours each day.  I am hoping that this will subside in a week or so, and I can motivate myself to doing other things.

I have seen members of my family, adhering to social distancing measures, and that’s been brilliant.  However, I am waiting for the green light for the delectable Mr. B to come and visit.  His first is pencilled in for mid-July, and it can’t come quick enough.  Other than spending quality time together, there’s not much that we can plan otherwise in these current state of affairs.  This is the longest that we have gone without seeing each other physically since we became a couple.  Anyways, enough of the old ‘woe is me’.

My Open University work has kept me busy and entertained.  I’m enjoying the From Script to Screen course, especially the short films that we get to watch each week.  I have eased myself back into completing my OneNote folder for Exploring Philosophy module.  Last week I applied for my latest student loan; and today I renewed my student NUS/Totum Card.

Well, I wish that I had more exciting news to share with you, but this is as awesome as it gets…for now!

Take care tiddlypeeps xxx




Long Distance Romance During Lock-Down…

Well, I am not going to shy away from it, it has been one long emotional roller-coaster for the delectable Mr. B and I since I had to self-isolate for Covid-19.  With adjustments made to my Bipolar medication, my hormones have been through the roof.  In particular my prolactin levels.  My music is helping me to keep chilled; no surprises there.  I am rather enjoying the celebrity videos on Facebook watch; as they are so entertaining and giving me a much needed morale boost.  And, it’s not just Frank Turner this time round.

I have managed in some ways not to spend a fortune on takeaways since being on lockdown, however, I have spent an awful lot on clothes from Yours Clothing; and a hoodie from; and a Bon Jovi hoodie – supporting his philanthropy efforts in New Jersey.  I have been crowdfunding to help keep music venues stay open – small amounts.  I have treated myself to the DI Tom Thorne prequel by Mark Billingham which is released later on this summer – Cry Baby.  Oh and a Be More Kind print by KingsRoad; the folks behind the merchandise for Frank Turner, which will be shipped later on in June.  In a way, I have adhered to the advice given in Sarah Knight’s Get Your Sh!t Together; in other ways I haven’t.  Fortunately unfortunately, impulse buys are part and parcel of being Bipolar.  But you know me, I don’t like such words to define me, as everyone goes shopping and most just call it retail therapy.

On a more serious note, we are approaching the end of Mental Health Awareness week; #kindness.  So, I was even kinder to myself and treated me to a FutureLearn course with The Open University.  Which I am about to go and start in a jiffy.

And that tiddlypeeps, is all for now xxx