April Update

Evening tiddlypeeps, hope you are all keeping well.  Today is the sixth month anniversary since I had Oscar re-homed.  I’ve felt his absence every day and it has been difficult to get my head around the fact that he is with his new family.  I made enquiries last month with the kennels as to how he is getting along and he’s doing very well – fantastic news all round.  Today I’ve been distracting myself simply by catching up with Excel work for my IT course, and the time-sponge that is Facebook.

Anyways, I had a brilliant time at Helen and Dan’s wedding.  Such a beautiful day and evening.  I managed to not fall over in my 4 inch heels, and felt very comfortable and confident with overall wedding outfit, and my hair.  I do owe both the Bride and Groom an apology for not shaking my booty on the dance floor – it had been my first big social occasion since my break-up, and the lack of a certain somebody’s presence was hugely felt.  A big thank you to a mutual friend Andy for keeping me company, and to Trench for entertaining me with his moves on the dance floor.   Really looking forward to seeing the wedding photos.  Overall journey to That London –  a lot easier than expected, including the Tube and DLR.  Can’t wait until I’m next down that neck of the woods.

So what does May have in store for me I wonder?  Well, I have signed up to an app called Meet Up.  And on the 9th May I am going along to Liverpool’s Chinatown Photographic Society’s social, with a new-found friend, Sara.  Not sure what the night will entail, hopefully food and drinks of some sort, and decent conversation.  Also hoping to catch up with friends at the beginning of May too, depending on social calendars.  And that folks, is all for now.  Short, but sweet.


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