Patiently I sit and wait…

Afternoon tiddlypeeps.  I’m currently sat at my dining room table, which at the moment resembles Bernard’s desk from Black Books, one of my favourite sitcoms.  I am waiting for my new sofa and chair to be delivered, with the saintly virtue that is patience.  And low and behold, as I was my first draft of this post, the delivery drivers arrived and new sofa and chair are now happily in my living room, enjoying their new surroundings.  They are aubergine in colour, and have really brightened up the magnolia painted walls.  The dining room table has been put back into its regular position, as has the coffee table.  Already, I am dreaming of new furniture to compliment the overall look.

A lot has happened since my last blog post, which, if I recall correctly, was at the beginning of October.  I am now in a new relationship, with my new partner, Lee, long term and long distance.  Where did we meet?  In an online group for current and former Open University students on Facebook.  It has been almost a year in the making, progressing from chatting online everyday, to chatting on the phone once a week, and finally meeting in person.  Lee travelled up to sunny St Helens on 27th October, and had a long, long drive from East Anglia, otherwise known as Essex.  Our first date was an icebreaker over delicious food at a local Spanish Tapas restaurant, which went very, very well.  For our second date, we made our way into Liverpool City Centre, and spent a few hours in The British Music Experience Museum, Cunard Buildings.  I had been there previously for my 38th birthday, however, then it was an exhibition showcasing Paul Weller and The Jam memorabilia.  The British Music Experience Museum is permanent fixture, featuring a timeline history of different musical genres from 1945 up until the present day.  Thoroughly interactive, with a separate section where you can have a practice on musical instruments – guitars and drumkit.  A brilliant time had by us both.  After a spot of lunch, we made our way to Breakout Liverpool, on Sir Thomas Street.  As Halloween was approaching, we had decided to go a room which a Halloween theme to it.  Lee went into the room 10 minutes ahead of me, was locked in a cubicle within the room, and I had to figure out the puzzles and riddles in order to get him out.  Once he had been freed, it was a matter of frantic teamwork to solve every clue within the room to breakout – did we manage to do it.  I would love to say, yes, we did, but alas, no.  We had to be busted out.  As difficult as it was, it was relatively good fun.  And Lee has been thoroughly thanked for booking the venues.  After a quick return to St Helens, to get changed into our gladrags, we headed back into Liverpool, this time to have a meal at Smugglers Cove at The Albert Dock.  A rum and pirate themed restaurant, with scrumptious food and cocktails too – what wasn’t to love?  We were able to talk about anything and everything, and as Lee has often said since, felt oh so natural.

Sunday morning was a leisurely brunch at my kitchen cafe, and again we caught the train once more into Liverpool.  This time, we headed to The Walker Art Gallery for the Alphonse Mucha exhibition, In Quest of Beauty.  I had picked about four art exhibitions out for us both to go to, and Lee liked the look of this one the most.  We spent the whole afternoon at the gallery, and I think we really both enjoyed being in each other’s company in this respect.  Sunday evening, I cooked for Lee and conversation flowed between us yet again over dinner.  No filters, nothing censored or taboo – the way conversations should be from the outset and going forwards into a new relationship.  On Monday 30th October, we officially became an ‘item’, ‘boyfriend/girlfriend’…as much as I didn’t want to say farewell to Lee just then, I knew that deep down, I would be chatting to him online again, and on the phone, and making a trip down to Essex to see him in December.

So yes, I do believe that the pair of us have an exciting future ahead, and I am looking forward to each and every moment.  And that was just our first long date weekend, wait until you hear about the others 🙂


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