Electrical Storm, well almost…

Good evening folks.  In the word’s of Margaret Atwood, and The Handmaid’s Tale, ‘Praise Be’.  I say that, as tonight it has rained, for the first time in weeks, and weeks and weeks.  I am sure that the wallflowers that grow in my rear garden will feel grateful for the downpour, and that my new bistro table and chairs feel the same too.  We have been extremely lucky in good ol’ Blighty for the weather that we have been having, although not so lucky on the other with all the natural habitat that has been destroyed on Saddleworth Moors and up at Winter Hill, potentially started by deliberate acts of mindlessness.  Anyways, it has been some time since I last posted, March in fact, and Mr. B and I have had several more date weekends since December.  So, what exactly we have been up to? (Oooh Matron, she says, in her best Kenneth Williams voice).

Our second date in December, included quality time at home; celebrating our first Christmas and a brilliant day out in Manchester.  To begin with, we enjoyed a fun morning at Junkyard Mini-Golf, which is indoors, and not too far from Deansgate/Oxford Road Station.  In fact, just around the corner of the Friedrich Engels statue outside the Home building.  So what is Junkyard Mini-Golf?  It’s basically like crazy golf, but with different themed areas, for example, ours was a pirate/circus theme, with all props made from reclaimed/recycled stuff (technical term). Plus, they have a licensed bar, and do food as well.

Afterwards, we popped into Nesbitts, which is an upmarket shop for the hospitality and catering industry, and reasonably priced.  From there we walked along to the Arndale Centre, window shopping, until we hit HMV, in which a few pennies were spent on CDs.  Including Frank Turner’s Songbook, and The Lost Boys Soundtrack.  In Waterstones, if memory serves correct, Mr. B was trying to hold back from purchasing several recipe books (alongside photography, cooking is one of his main hobbies, so I understand the urge to buy!).  Afterwards we hit Turtle Bay for Caribbean food, and 2-4-1 cocktails, which went down soooo easily.

To finish the evening off, we went axe-throwing!  Yes, you read that right, axe-throwing.  Set in a large warehouse near the eatery Almost Famous, Whistle Punks Urban Axe Throwing is the place to be for a good night out, whether that’s you or your partner, a group of friends, or dare I say it, a team building work night out.  Basically you’re split into groups, and each group has an instructor, who goes through relevant health and safety, and then shows you have to throw the mini axe into a target board.  And they make it look incredibly easy.  Out of all of the tries that I had, I managed to hit the target approximately three times; whereas Mr. B, well, he was rather good.  He even managed to get the trick shot at the end – landing two axes in the target.  Again, you can enjoy a few drinks whilst you are waiting to play your game, although I do believe they have a disclaimer whereby you’re not to throw if you are intoxicated.  If anything, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, and it gave us practice should the zombie apocalypse ever fall upon us.

I have slept quite a lot since this particular date, well, half a year to be precise.  And as fit so much into our weekends, there will be more posts to come.  It’s such a lovely feeling that we have been dating for 9 months now, and a week tomorrow, I will be heading down to Mr.B’s neck of the woods again, which will make it my fourth trip.  Eek, I am excited.  And I will share once again with you in a few weeks time.  But for now, I bid you all a goodnight.


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