Proof-reading and typos…

Hmmm, me thinks I am going to have to avoid writing my blog posts late at night, simply due to the number of typos I spot when reading my posts a few days later.  And I really need to brush up on my grammar too.  I can’t claim to be a serious Creative Writing student otherwise.

Currently waiting for the delectable Mr. B to arrive – his journey from Essex has been a marathon as usual, but has been snared up by roadworks on the M6 and lane closures.  He set off just after 5pm and finally arrived at 11.53pm.  Yay!


Where did my post go?

Oops.  My bad!  I was just in the midst of editing a saved draft from a post that I had started last night Film, Books and TV and for some reason or another, my fingers slipped on the delete key, and half of the post has ended up in the abyss.  And whilst the opening sentence had been saved, my poor brain can’t remember the rest of what I had already written.  Other than I was talking about books.  Which books you ask?  Mainly the ones that I have managed to finished reading since August last year, books that I have in my library on Audible, and books that I have in the to read list on my bedside table – and there’s quite a fair few of them.  I tend not to write my posts on paper – I just type as I go along on here, but I guess I have learned a valuable lesson.  Thankfully it was only a blog post and not an assignment to be submitted to the OU.

Anyway, let’s move on.  Part of being a mature student involves a healthy amount of procrastination.  Sometimes this means eating spaghetti hoops on toast with cheese on top, a TV dinner you might call it, on my sofa and catching up with my favourite TV programmes.  Which are, in no particular order:

MotherFatherSon – starring Richard Gere, Helen McCrory and Billy Howle.  Families, politics, power and media cover-ups – no spoilers for those who haven’t seen as yet, but well worth a watch.

Billions – now into its fourth series.  Broadcast on Sky Atlantic and streamed via Now TV, the saga of Bobby Axelrod (Damian Lewis) and Chuck Rhoades (Paul Giamatti) continues.  I started watching this a year or so ago, on Mr. B’s recommendation.  Its addictive viewing, although requires a level of concentration to follow the highs and lows of New York’s hedge-fund financial world and all of its wealth.

The Victim – featuring Kelly Macdonald, John Hannah and James Hark.  This four-parter had me gripped whilst watching on BBC One last week – its storyline and acting by its stellar cast.  I do like my ‘gritty’ drama, as Mr. B often says to me.  I think this programme held my attention even more so due to its filming location, Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Line of Duty – need I say anymore?  Thoroughly enjoying series five so far, and looking forward to this Sunday’s episode.

Victoria – Sunday nights on ITV.  Yes, I love my costume dramas too.  Although, the jury’s out on Lord Palmerston, played by Laurence Fox.  Will see if I am persuaded to think of his character differently at the end of the series.

And last, but by no means least… drum roll, please…GAME OF THRONES!  I almost, almost stayed up until 2am Monday morning to watch the live stream on Now TV, but my oh my, I loved the first episode of series 8.  I just don’t want the series to end.

Other series that I’m waiting to tune back into:

Poldark – Natch!

Homeland – still waiting for a start date on Channel 4, which rumour has it, is going to be the final series.

The Handmaid’s Tale – not sure when this is due to be aired, but looking forward to the story which is set fifteen years after series two ended.

On this note, I shall leave you all here.  If you can think of any programmes worthwhile for me to watch on Prime Video (other than Lucifer and Goliath) – please drop me a message on my new Facebook page that I have set up to link to this blog: @clairekatereynolds



Halfway through April already?

Hello there tiddlypeeps,

Just thought I would post a quick one here.  I trust you are all well as you are reading this.  I am finding it rather hard to believe that I am almost at the end of my Creative Writing module with The Open University, who are celebrating their 50th Anniversary this year.  So far, my grades have been Good Pass/Pass 2 – in old school terms, B.  Amongst my submitted work, I have done a 300 word freewrite based on the prompt ‘A bunch of keys’ and a 750 word fictional passage ‘New Beginnings’; a complete story ‘Desperately Annoying, Martha!’, 2418 words in length; three poems totalling no more than 40 lines in length, two of which were based on the prompt ‘A family photograph’ – ‘An Ode to Bathing in Thomas Lawrenson’s Kitchen Sink’ and ‘Christmas, 1985’; and a stand alone poem called ‘The Break-Up’.

I’m patiently waiting on the result for my most recent assignment, which was an autobiographical/biographical 1576 piece based on the theme ‘A celebration’, in turn with its own title ‘A Permanent Solution to A Temporary Problem’ – in which I deal with events running up to and the aftermath of the death of my brother Lee.  I’m currently in the process of research for my fifth assignment, in which I have to choose a suitable, real-life publication or e-zine to which to submit a 2000 word fictional story or life writing, and present this in accordance to their guidelines.  I have a few ideas up my sleeve, but nothing concrete written down on paper as yet.  And then all that’s left is my EMA which is due the end of May.  I am hoping that once the module is complete, and I have the say-so from my tutor, I will be able to share my work with you on here.  Oh, and we can’t forget the reflective commentaries and bibliographies that have had to accompany each TMA.  And all of the character sketches and poems that have arisen from the activities within the Workbook itself, or the Big Red Book as its known.

I am registered and enrolled on my next OU module, A222 Exploring Philosophy, which is due to start in October this year.  After having to really use my imagination and think way outside of the box for the Creative Writing ideas, I am looking forward to getting back into a subject that’s a lot more academic.  I’m waiting for Student Finance England to open up its floodgates so that I can apply for yet another student loan.

Regarding continuing my dog grooming qualifications, I have decided to stick with where I trained with originally for my City & Guilds Level 2 Certificate for Dog Grooming Assistants.  This time I shall be going down the OCN Level 3 Diploma route, and hopefully will be speaking to the centre again in the next few weeks as to places available on the course.

ABL Health and I parted ways earlier on in the year.  I found it difficult to concentrate on their Easy-Plate healthy eating plan, whilst working on my assignments.  And the sleep routine, I am still a bit of a vampire, however, I am trying to take less naps during the late afternoon and early evenings.

Lee and I have continued to enjoy our date weekends, and we have done so much together since Christmas.  We didn’t see each other in January, however we went to Panoramic 34 for Afternoon Tea and Cocktails in Liverpool, as well as watching the Yamato Drummers at the Empire Theatre during February.  And we had a successful mini-break in Edinburgh towards the end of March.  Lee is due to come visit towards the end of next week, and I can’t wait to see him again.

All is well with the family.  My Dad turned the big 70 last month.  Still not sure what he made of his birthday card which had his name on the front, as well as a pirate ship, and pirates and a personalised CD with children’s songs which repeat his name over and over.  Liv is growing up way too fast – due to start high school this year.  Tom and Joe are working on their GCSEs and have two more years to go before they leave school.

And on that note, I shall leave this here.  Take care folks and I hope to catch up with you all soon (or in another few months).

Claire xxx