And so it ends…

A few weeks back, I was really struggling with all things OU, and feeling rather anxious as to how I was going to complete my end of module assessment for my creative writing module.  However, I got there in the end and managed to submit it earlier on today.  I feel sweet relief.  My anxiety levels dropped ever so slightly as I have been looking after the wonderful Hugo, whilst his family have been away for the Bank Holiday weekend.  I have never met a doggo who is soooooo chilled out, permanently in the zen zone, and has impeccable manners too.  I shall surely miss him when he goes home tomorrow.

I am looking forward to Wednesday, which will be my third practical for my OCN Level 3 Diploma in Dog Grooming.  The delectable Mr. B will be here on Friday, here’s hoping that her turns up before midnight.  We are off to watch The Mousetrap at Liverpool Empire on the Saturday, followed by catching up with friends.  Sunday we are going to spend time in my garden, weather dependent.  Monday evening will be spent with a meal out with Mum, and Mr. B will be heading home Tuesday lunchtime.  Oh woe is me.  Not for very long though, as Thursday evening, I will be watching the brilliant Kelly Jones from Stereophonics perform live at the Liverpool Philharmonic.  Saturday, Mum and I are watching The Bank Robbery, by the people who brought us The Play that Goes Wrong.

The following Saturday, I will be watching Our Liv in Aladdin…can’t wait for that.  And that’s my news round-up for now.  See you later folks.



Evening all…

I hope you are all well as this post reaches you dear readers.  I am in the last few weeks of my Creative Writing module with the Open University, and I am due to start my OCN Level 3 Diploma in Dog Grooming this Monday coming.  I have my final piece of coursework to put together (End of Module Assessment) – squeaky bum time!  Whilst I have made my decision in relation to opting to write fiction, poetry or life writing and have made a start on my freewrites; my head is buzzing with its eventual plot-line and sub-plots, characters, narrative, point of view, language, dialect and idiolect.  The list is endless.  But the one thing that’s certain in my mind, I have the title.

As for my dog grooming course, I am returning to MCDT in Fazakerley, Liverpool.  This means staying with Mum for the beginning of the week, and travelling back home mid-week…for approximately 16 weeks.  I can do this, sure I can.

In other news, Lee and I went to Chester a week ago on Monday, to meet his family, and to mooch around the city.  Which included a trip to WHS and Waterstones – I really had to restrain myself in the stationery department in WHS; and Lee kindly treated me to my set text for my next module with the OU – Western Philosophy: An Anthology – edited by John Cottingham.  It’s a colossal book, however I am looking forward to getting stuck into this.  We also visited Virtual Reality Escapes and had a taster session – £5.00 for half an hour.  Donning the HTC VR headgear with controllers in both our hands, we were teleported into a world of zombies.  Takes a lot of getting used to.  I kept on walking into the black curtains that separated us in the centre, and didn’t really know what I was doing.  I felt a tad claustrophobic and sweaty, and had to escape five minutes early.  However, having said this, I think it will make a good birthday present for Tom and Joe later on this year.

Well goodnight then tiddlypeeps.  Catch up with you all again soon.