Evening all…

I hope you are all well as this post reaches you dear readers.  I am in the last few weeks of my Creative Writing module with the Open University, and I am due to start my OCN Level 3 Diploma in Dog Grooming this Monday coming.  I have my final piece of coursework to put together (End of Module Assessment) – squeaky bum time!  Whilst I have made my decision in relation to opting to write fiction, poetry or life writing and have made a start on my freewrites; my head is buzzing with its eventual plot-line and sub-plots, characters, narrative, point of view, language, dialect and idiolect.  The list is endless.  But the one thing that’s certain in my mind, I have the title.

As for my dog grooming course, I am returning to MCDT in Fazakerley, Liverpool.  This means staying with Mum for the beginning of the week, and travelling back home mid-week…for approximately 16 weeks.  I can do this, sure I can.

In other news, Lee and I went to Chester a week ago on Monday, to meet his family, and to mooch around the city.  Which included a trip to WHS and Waterstones – I really had to restrain myself in the stationery department in WHS; and Lee kindly treated me to my set text for my next module with the OU – Western Philosophy: An Anthology – edited by John Cottingham.  It’s a colossal book, however I am looking forward to getting stuck into this.  We also visited Virtual Reality Escapes and had a taster session – £5.00 for half an hour.  Donning the HTC VR headgear with controllers in both our hands, we were teleported into a world of zombies.  Takes a lot of getting used to.  I kept on walking into the black curtains that separated us in the centre, and didn’t really know what I was doing.  I felt a tad claustrophobic and sweaty, and had to escape five minutes early.  However, having said this, I think it will make a good birthday present for Tom and Joe later on this year.

Well goodnight then tiddlypeeps.  Catch up with you all again soon.



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