Moments of self-doubt…

So, it’s the middle of June and here we are.  I’m now five weeks into my OCN Level 3 Diploma in Dog Grooming, and continuing to volunteer for my amazing boss in her salon.  Right now my head should be in my reference books completing my latest assignment, however, I am procrastinating by doing this blog post instead.  I belong to a few groups on social media, where trainee dog groomers share their ‘before and after’ photos of their grooms, and I am beginning to wonder, will I ever reach that level of perfection?

My confidence has grown with most breeds, although I still find it difficult when it comes to the handling of dogs who do not like the whole grooming process and get stressed out.  And of course, the dogs are intelligent and sensitive, and will pick up on our own stress, whether we own the dog, or whether in our care for even a short while.  If anyone can think of any canine handling or related courses, please drop me a line on Facebook.  I can only think of at the moment, classes run by The Dogs Trust.

Anyway, just a quickie for tonight.  Back to my assignment, as it won’t finish it by itself.  Take care of yourself tiddlypeeps  and I will catch up with you soon xxx



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