Well, hello, hello, hello…

Evening folks – just a quick blog post before I head up the wooden hills to Bedfordshire once more.  So, it turns out that I passed my A215 Creative Writing module this week with The Open University – a Grade 2 Pass.  I’m feeling relieved more than anything that I don’t have to resit the EMA this September, and I can plod on with my next module, A222 Exploring Philosophy.

I am back this week from another journey to Essex to see Mr. B., a hot but enjoyable visit.  I will do another post in the week to fill you in on our adventures whilst I was down there.

Everything is going well with my OCN Level 3 Diploma – I have 7 breeds so far in my portfolio, and another 3 breeds to do.  The jury is out as to how I feel over the before and after photos though.  And as long as I manage to finish the theory work before the end of September, I’ll be happy.

An update as to the other issues I have been going through of late, they have subsided ever so slightly.  I had a telephone consultation with Mindsmatter St Helens last Friday, and I am now booked onto a CBT based weekly group session starting on the 29th August.  I am hoping that the course will help to put certain thought processes to sleep once and for all.  Currently, I have moderate anxiety and depression – and they are having an impact on certain areas in my life.

Anyway, goodnight tiddlypeeps x x x


It’s okay not to be okay…

Evening folks, so here we are a Friday night in July.  A hot summer’s day is winding down into a cooler evening, and according to the weatherman on Channel 4+1, we are expecting rain in the wee small hours of Saturday morning.  Playing in the background of my humble abode is a rockumentary on BBC Four, and this will shock Mr. B., as it’s all about Country and Western.  It completely suits my mood, which, has, over several months, been up and down like a rollercoaster, but more so in the last few weeks.  And I don’t like being a mood hoover at the best of times, but it’s certainly something that I need to keep an eye on and keep in check, because if I don’t, I’ll end up in a much worse place and no-one really wants to see that, least of all me.

So, after putting up with anxious butterflies in the pit of my stomach for weeks on end, tension headaches, and a whole host of other symptoms, I went to see my GP yesterday.  And whilst I’ve discussed certain things with certain people, it felt much better getting it out there with someone who will be able to help.  The moral of my short story?  Don’t suffer in silence.  If there are any worries or niggles that you need to get off your chest, do it.  Don’t bottle those feelings up – if you have friends and family around you that you can speak do, then blurt it out with no filter, and just allow yourself to wallow.  I am aware that this isn’t easy for some, but I have found an online app downloadable from Apple or Play Store.  It’s called Hub of Hope.  You can enter in your postcode and you can search online for services in your area, and it allows you to refine and filter your choices.

This weekend, is purely self-care and we all need to do that from time to time, if not everyday.  Since Tuesday I have set myself mini goals to get out in the sunshine and get some fresh air.  So far, I have walked for over an hour.  You might think to yourself, pah, that’s nothing, that’s something I do every day.  But to me, at this moment in my life, it’s pretty huge.  I watched Yesterday at the cinema, and tomorrow I’ll be catching up with several friends – one for a heart to heart, and others watching the latest Spider-Man instalment.  Today, I caught up with a friend for coffee, finally got my hair cut and coloured, spent time with my Auntie, Uncle and my cousin’s daughter.  And you know what, it’s all helped.  And Saturday, despite it all, is a new day.  You never know, I might even paint my toenails.

Take care tiddlypeeps x x x