Well, hello, hello, hello…

Evening folks – just a quick blog post before I head up the wooden hills to Bedfordshire once more.  So, it turns out that I passed my A215 Creative Writing module this week with The Open University – a Grade 2 Pass.  I’m feeling relieved more than anything that I don’t have to resit the EMA this September, and I can plod on with my next module, A222 Exploring Philosophy.

I am back this week from another journey to Essex to see Mr. B., a hot but enjoyable visit.  I will do another post in the week to fill you in on our adventures whilst I was down there.

Everything is going well with my OCN Level 3 Diploma – I have 7 breeds so far in my portfolio, and another 3 breeds to do.  The jury is out as to how I feel over the before and after photos though.  And as long as I manage to finish the theory work before the end of September, I’ll be happy.

An update as to the other issues I have been going through of late, they have subsided ever so slightly.  I had a telephone consultation with Mindsmatter St Helens last Friday, and I am now booked onto a CBT based weekly group session starting on the 29th August.  I am hoping that the course will help to put certain thought processes to sleep once and for all.  Currently, I have moderate anxiety and depression – and they are having an impact on certain areas in my life.

Anyway, goodnight tiddlypeeps x x x