The middle of August already!

This time last week, I was patiently waiting for the arrival of the delectable Mr. B., who was making the grandest gesture and the mammoth journey from his hometown to visit me for my birthday.  It was without a doubt the shortest weekend that we have had together so far, but well worth spending that time together.

Saturday afternoon we headed to The Eccleston Arms for lunch.  Whilst it’s been some time since I last dined there, it was a first for Lee, and the pair of us as a couple, and it’s safe to say that we’ll be going there again in due course.  The rest of the day was spent watching Vice starring Christian Bale and Amy Adams, snug and cosy on my sofa.  So cosy in fact, that I did indeed see the back of my eyelids during the film (I had seen it earlier on in the year).  But, that’s what life’s all about is it not?  Feeling so content and comfortable, that either one of us can take a snooze whilst resting on the shoulders of the other?  Having said that, I know it will be me who will be taking those power naps more than Lee – hehehehe.  After I had caught my second wind, we had our evening meal, washed down with a lovely bottle of red wine – a birthday gift from my friends India and Peter.  Lee and I then sat there shooting the breeze and talking about everything under the sun, counting down the hours and minutes until midnight – so that I could open my cards and birthday presents, instead of saving it until the next morning.  And yes, I am such a child and that will never change.

I am lucky to have so many good people in my life.  Another birthday letter from Lee which will go into the keepsake box that he made for me last year.  The outside of the letter shows a map of the UK and all the places that we have been together since last September.  And I have to say on the back of this, we sure do alright.  We plan to go to Crufts 2020, and Lee is treating me to a year’s subscription to Groomer’s Gallery, which features unlimited access to how-to dog styling videos, and oooh, the new Frank Turner album No Man’s Land.  My other gifts were of the doggo themed variety – a beautiful silver, sparkly Radley keyring, Happy as Harry – a self-help book written by a rescue dog from a puppy farm, and a new mug which reads: A true friend leaves paw prints on your heart; and LOVE is a four legged word. And of course, stationery which includes a furry covered notebook featuring the face of a pug, and a new notebook, highlighters, and a weekly to-do-list pad.  Money which I have put towards new pairs of leggings from Top to Tail Clothing, who cater for the dog grooming industry.  And a voucher to go towards my next hairdo.  So, a very big thank you to all of you who made my day very special, you know who are.

Having said goodbye to Lee on Sunday, I later went out for a meal with Mum, Auntie Sheila, Neil and Auntie Joan to The Star Inn, Rainford, which is where I celebrated my 40th birthday party last year.  And low and behold, I sat on the same table as I did last year.  What can I say about turning 41?  Less pressure than last year.  I may have splurged out on getting my nails and toes painted and my eyebrows threaded, but I didn’t have to get overly glammed with having perfect hair or the perfect dress.  Much more relaxed.

Am I any wiser?  Perhaps becoming more emotionally intelligent (buzz words of the moment, which crop up fairly often in my social media feed).  Or, at least I hope so.

How did the rest of my week go?  I finished my OCN Level 3 Diploma in Dog Grooming on Monday, and Tuesday and Wednesday were fairly relaxing days at Mum’s.  Yesterday I mooched around St Helens, buying thank you cards and birthday cards for the nephews, as well as investing in new stationery from Poundland.  If there are any Friends fans out there, Poundland have a range of canvas tote bags for, well, £1.00.  Mine features the New York skyline chalked out in blue, and with How You Doin? written in big black capital letters.  Needless to say that I carried this bag around town with irony.  Particularly as it was the day that A-Level results were published, and the town was crawling with students from St Helens College and Carmel College.

I had very itchy study fingers last night, so logged onto OpenLearn to start prepping for my OU module in October.  And I am giving myself between now and next Wednesday to have completed the sample from A222 Exploring Philosophy on David Hume.  I am considering, a few years down the line, doing a new blog which combines my love of dogs and philosophy, and calling it The Dog Grooming Philosopher.  You heard it hear first.

Giving that it’s now 9.20pm, it’s time for me to put this post to bed and relax into the evening.  This time next Friday, I will be relaxing with the delectable Mr. B.  Take care folks x x x


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