Jingle Bells…

Just a quick one folks.  The wooden hills of Bedfordshire are calling me, after an extremely long, but worthwhile day.  And it featured doggos galore.  Having put my studies with the OU on hold for this year to concentrate on my career as a Dog Groomer, many of you now know that I have started working part-time for a salon in Warrington.  I’m hoping to launch a separate blog January 2020, which will combine my love of furry four-legged friends, and that of Philosophy.  And it will simply be called, The Dog Grooming Philosopher.  I am hoping to feature well-meaning anecdotes as well as hints and tips from those I personally know who are also working in the same industry.  So, if any of my former fellow students wish to contribute their experiences of what it’s been like post-qualifications, then please send me a direct message through Facebook, or comment on my Facebook blog post.

For now, I bid you all a goodnight x x x


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