My Favourite Slogan Tops and Why I Love Them…

When it comes to clothes, I have never really considered myself as a ‘dedicated follower of fashion’.  Whilst I appreciate nice clothes, I am by no means addicted to designer labels.  As a child, I was quite the tomboy, and always happy wearing tracksuits or t-shirts, jeans and trainers as opposed to dresses.  With the exception of tracksuits, my clothes and shoes were usually bought from market stalls.  In my college years, I had an eclectic dress sense, dressing differently to my friends.  And during 1994-1996, New Look took the High Street by storm, and my girly friends and I, owned it.

As an Open University student, I still shop in New Look – usually because I can pick up a bargain with my NUS discount card.  But more to the point, that I remain an 18 year old teenager inside, and this often reflects the way that I dress today.  Over the years, I have advocated JD Williams, and its online stores such as Simply Be, Fashion World and Marisota; and more recently, Yours Clothing.

And, I have to say, that someone who loves to feel comfortable in their clothes, Yours has really come up top trumps.  They are reasonably priced, cater for sizes 14 and above and I am more than happy to part with my cash whilst in my local shop.

Anyway, I digress.  Slogan tops – I love them!  And I would like to thank the designer brainchild out there who has brought them back into the foray of popular culture.  As I sit in Costa Coffee right now, I am wearing a green sweater emblazoned in white writing ‘It is, what it is…’  Coincidentally, I am sipping a bottle of Diet Coke, which on the label reads ‘you do you’.  Other slogan tops that I have purchased recently from Yours include a bright pink sweater embroidered in white with ‘Not my problem’; a black one with ‘Now or Never’ in pinkish purple writing; two in grey – the former with ‘Fierce and Fabulous’ in neon orange writing and the latter in block capitals; ‘I don’t sweat, I sparkle!’  I have three t-shirts as well – black with pink and white squirrely writing ‘You do You’, a grey one that reads ‘Perfectly Imperfect’, and a light grey one with ‘Sorry not Sorry’ across the front.  They are sooooo comfortable, keeping me toasty warm on winter days like today.

Not just that, the slogan tops are a polite gesture to a certain small-minded and insignificant individual/co-worker who upset me in December, and caused me emotional distress.  By way of cheering myself up, I wanted to go on a spending spree.  However, with my OU studies on hold, I didn’t want to buy notebooks, pens or folders from Wilko’s or Ryman.  So, by splurging on new clothes, I have a new wardrobe for 2020.  This does mean that I will be clearing out other clothes that I no longer wear, and donating them to charity.  But isn’t that what life is about?  Letting go of the old to make space for the new?

Until next time, take care tiddlypeeps x x x



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