New Goals for February 2020…

So, here we are again, four days into a new month on this year’s calendar.  Despite its online appearances, for me, January, quite frankly, dragged its behind.  My days were interspersed with escaping to the cinema to make the most out of my Cineworld Unlimited card; and eating cheese and tomato toasties and building myself a blanket fort on my sofa.

I had one work trial/interview for a dog grooming position which hasn’t come to fruition.  I wait with bated breath for the recruitment company at the end of my street to contact me with suitable job vacancies in admin/reception/secretarial – delete where applicable.  In the meantime, I have been trawling through job search engines and there are jobs to be had, however, I need to start applying for them.  My mission at the moment is to get a full-time job, so that I can start saving up gradually for my dog grooming equipment.  A few of my fellow dog grooming friends have thrown me a lifeline, and have asked me to come on board with them, but I need magic pennies to do so…and I think Jack is all out of magic beans himself.

I have, however, started volunteering at a dog rescue shelter, as a receptionist.  I did my first shift last week, and thoroughly enjoyed it.  The role is extremely hands on, and will give me something to look forward to each week.

The delectable Mr B will be here on Friday.  We are off to watch Count Arthur Strong on Sunday evening at the Liverpool Empire.  On the Monday, I will be joining Mr B on the way back to Clacton, as I am having an extended break away, spending quality time with Mr B’s family and also dog sitting.  And yes, I have indeed bought my canine companion a card for Valentine’s Day.  I just couldn’t resist doing so whilst browsing in the Card Factory, which is my go-to shop for greeting cards.

Educational goals for this year, include the following: Level 2 Digital Marketing for Business, which is due to commence on 19 February, and is a four day workshop, delivered by Clickworks/Starting Point/St Helens Chamber.  Since starting up my new dog blog, – I am getting more into blogging from an entrepreneurial perspective.  Plus, there’s no harm in adding yet another string to my long bow.  Oops, just realised how rude that sounded when repeating it over in my head just then.

And talking of bombshells, I may be putting my OU studies on hold until October 2021.  With the prospects of me relocating towards the end of the year, looking for a new job, as well as a new home together, is going to bring its own stresses.  As much as I love David Hume et al., and their arguments for The Self, I need my full concentration for that.  Although, you know me, and my itchy study fingers.  Plus, if I defer for another year, that only means another student loan.  Decisions, decisions.

Anyway, tiddlypeeps, I will leave you all here.  Take care of you and I’ll take care of me xxx



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