The Four Horseman of the Apocalypse…

Here I am, sat in my favourite local Costa Coffee, armed with hand sanitiser and a packet of tissues, thinking to myself, just how lucky I have been over the past fortnight to attend both Crufts 2020 and Stereophonics’ Kind Tour 2020 at Manchester Arena; before our Prime Minister fell in line with other members of state to ban live events/mass gatherings as of next week.  Whilst I am no doubt concerned about Coronavirus or Covid-19, and the devastating effects it has had on people globally; am I panic buying?  The answer to that is a big fat nope.  Because, quite frankly, I don’t see the point.  I am fortunate enough to have a food cupboard stocked with basic staples and other ingredients, and a freezer stocked with enough food to see me through the next few months.  And, I could probably even feed a few friends with the food I have too.  I even have alcohol, and happy to make you a Long Island Iced Tea if that grabs you.  So yep, no need for me to hit the supermarkets just yet.

Panic buying is getting everyone’s goat at the moment; mainly us folks who aren’t sheeple.  Those who are doing ‘Supermarket Sweeps’ on a daily basis seriously need to take a step back, dial it down and consider the rest of society.  My parents, aunties and uncles all fall within the Baby Boomer generation; and like other vulnerable senior citizens out there; their needs come before mine.  Secondly, the countless families and homeless people who rely on handouts from foodbanks on a weekly or monthly basis – newsflash; foodbanks typically receive their donations from supermarkets that give them surplus stock.  So, sheeple, if you continue to deplete items from the shelves, you are making the situation much worse for those out there that fall into this category.  And this leads me onto breakfast clubs, holiday clubs and after school clubs up and down the nation; who also rely on supermarkets to get essentials such as bread, cereals and milk – schools have to budget accordingly for such items, because, another newsflash for you, they don’t get them for free from the government!  How do I know this?  Well, because my Mum ran all three of them for many, many years.  I may not have children of my own, but that doesn’t stop me from being aware of their basic needs; such as baby food, nappies, baby wipes…the list is endless.

Already, we are starting to see the rapid increase of holidays being cancelled the world over.  Our global economies and infrastructure will only be able to cope with so much.  It saddens me to see check-in desks empty at airports, and cities like Barcelona, Venice and Milan on lockdown.  If the aviation industry is starting to show a strain, then soon enough, the food manufacturing sector and warehousing and logistics for the supermarkets will eventually follow suit.

I am sorry to be such a mardy bum, but this is the reality folks.  So, before picking up that extra packet of toilet rolls or the extra pack of nappies, ask yourself, do I really need them?  If not, leave them where you found them.  Or if you do decide to buy, then drop them in the foodbank donation box on your way out.  If we start being sensible and pull together as one, then we can get through what is fast becoming Armageddon; and hopefully avoid being issued with ration books that were rife during WW2.

Take care tiddlypeeps x x x



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