Serious Procrastinating Ways to Help You Get Through Lock-Down…

Unfortunately, due to lock-down, I was unable to go and spend a week with The Delectable Mr B on Monday 30th March, and alas, due to him having to work remotely from home, he was unable to make his trip Up North to see me yesterday.  However, on a much more serious note, my Mum was extremely worried that me self-isolating at home was a tad too much for me.

But my bad, for booking that train ticket from Liverpool Lime Street to Clacton-on-Sea and nearly getting arrested for going to visit my own partner.  I was escorted by my family to a safe haven instead, and have been there ever since.  Thankfully, I have had my medication adjusted for my Bipolar, I now have a Care-Coordination team, and in the immortal words of Frank Turner, ‘The Best People Looking Out For Me’.  However, I did contract a mild-form of Coronavirus and had to self-isolate again for 7 days whilst on the ward; and was swabbed and tested and re-tested last night.  Answers will be on a postcard in a few days.

So, during my lock-down self-isolation, I have been getting along with some serious air guitar, air drumming and singing along to my favourite musicians in my room.  I have started listening to A Game of Thrones on Audible, and have been keeping my partner and my family up to date with my progress by WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger Video Calls.  I wasn’t able to bring my Burlesque Dancing Chair into the ward with me, but I did bring my Sugar Von Strudel Hoodie, plus my Dogs Trust Volunteer Fleece in with me.  You know what they say, ‘Red for Danger’.  Oh, and I have been exercising loads in the Ladies’ Yard (A certain song by Kelis comes to mind there)…and my 1.5 litre Volvic Water Bottle has been used as a javelin, discus, football and even a tennis racket  Who would have thought?

Having registered on the 18th March for A222 Exploring Philosophy in October, prior to being admitted into hospital, I had started revising Book 2, Philosophy of Religion.  So, whilst I am gradually typing up One Note for Chapter 1, I am well ahead into Chapter 2.  I have some serious set text reading too; but Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is revision.

I have watched a few episodes of Lucifer Series 2 on my phone, whilst in my room, and have been keeping up to date with Homeland Series 8 – two episodes to go and that’s the end of that – and meh!

Oh, and I have watched a few live Frank Turner and Jess Guise gigs, live on Facebook from their humble abode and donated money in the process to support their good causes.

If I play by my Consultant’s Rules, my six-month stretch, may be over in two weeks’ time (as of Tuesday this week)…and we have to social distance ourselves here too…

Well tiddlypeeps, I bid you all a good-night.  I am off to get some fresh air in sunny St Helens on a Saturday evening x x x


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