In the Immortal Words of the Spin Doctors…Two Princes and a Pocket Full of Kryptonite. What Homeland Really Means to Me.

Carrie Mathison – she tells it like it is for high-functioning Bipolar people the world over.  Because she and actress Claire Danes and I have led similar lives since she and Jared Leto starred in My-So-Called-Life during my own college years between 1994-1996.  She inspired me to be just like her.  I chopped off my long brown hair; and started wearing checked shirts and dyed my hair red up until the day I turned 30 and then I decided to go back to my natural brunette roots.

I won’t go down the whole dystopian story of my own life; as Homeland has told it for me.  This goes out to the fantastic support network of NHS staff that I have had around me since 1996 and also my own teachers and professors that have supported me in my continuing education ever since and enabled me to get on my career ladder when my world fell apart when I was 18.  I have always sought my own counselling; and I owe so much to those who have patiently listened over the years and have helped me to unravel the broken links that we all suffer from.  I was able to gradually able to put my life back together piece-by-piece like Lego bricks and re-invent myself and rebuild my trust in people.  Because at the end of the day; you are your number one priority and no-one else.

This goes out to all the Russian Gulag male friends that I have made throughout my life.  But a certain special someone who is working so hard through his degree to make this world a better place – not just for me; but for everyone he meets.  I have known him for five years now; and I don’t need to mention his name; as he knows exactly who he is.

Take care tiddlypeeps xxxx