Counting Down the Days…

Thankfully, I was discharged from hospital on Monday 8th June.  The past few weeks have seen me recovering at my Mum’s, whilst repair work is being completed on my humble abode.  It’s surreal for me to have gone from being surrounded by people – patients and NHS staff; to it mainly being just me and Mum.  Having ventured outside for walks and the odd trip to the supermarket, with the onus on odd I may add, I have mainly wanted to hibernate on the sofa for several hours each day.  I am hoping that this will subside in a week or so, and I can motivate myself to doing other things.

I have seen members of my family, adhering to social distancing measures, and that’s been brilliant.  However, I am waiting for the green light for the delectable Mr. B to come and visit.  His first is pencilled in for mid-July, and it can’t come quick enough.  Other than spending quality time together, there’s not much that we can plan otherwise in these current state of affairs.  This is the longest that we have gone without seeing each other physically since we became a couple.  Anyways, enough of the old ‘woe is me’.

My Open University work has kept me busy and entertained.  I’m enjoying the From Script to Screen course, especially the short films that we get to watch each week.  I have eased myself back into completing my OneNote folder for Exploring Philosophy module.  Last week I applied for my latest student loan; and today I renewed my student NUS/Totum Card.

Well, I wish that I had more exciting news to share with you, but this is as awesome as it gets…for now!

Take care tiddlypeeps xxx





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