Queen of Just Eat…

So, in preparation for going into my final year of my degree with The Open University, I have been completing FutureLearn courses relating to creative writing. In 2018, I started Start Writing Fiction with The Open University, last year, I signed up to Explore Filmmaking, a collaboration with FutureLearn, the National Film and Television School and the British Film Institute. And this year, An Introduction to Screenwriting hosted by FutureLearn and The University of East Anglia. The beauty of FutureLearn, is that you can dip into the course whenever you need to, and as long as you have completed 90% of the course, then you receive your Certificate of Achievement which comes as a digital download and a physical copy posted out to you.

What follows here is one of the activities that I had to complete for An Introduction to Screenwriting. With a recent pre-Type 2 Diabetes health scare, I had to really make lifestyle changes fast and furiously. So, here is a short script based on one of my vices, food:

‘Queen of Just Eat’  

Cary: Another sodding night alone. Where’s my phone?  
Her Conscience: Babe, it’s right there where you left it. On the coffee table.  

Cary picks up her phone and clicks the Google Chrome icon. From her search history she goes straight to Just Eat.  

Cary: Chinese? Indian? KFC? McDonald’s? Burger KIng?  
Her Conscience: Decisions, decisions.  
Cary: Eh, if only Pete was here this week, we’d be cooking every night.  
Her Conscience: Forget ordering online then. Fridge, freezer, cupboards? Hunter gather.  
Cary: Go away. Cooking is just not on the agenda right now.  
Her Conscience: Hell’s bells!  
Cary: Indian it is then.  
Her Conscience: Just Eat Junkie…  

Cary browses the menu of her favourite Indian takeaway on her phone.  

Cary: Keema naan…  
Her Conscience: Lordy, think of all of those carbs!  
Cary: Make it a delivery…  

She enters her payment details and confirms her order.  

Cary: Now I can’t wait for this. Starving.  
Just Eat Chat-Bot: Order declined.  
Cary: Pfft! What?  

She almost spills her cup of coffee on herself.  

Her Conscience: Quick smart.  
Just Eat Chat Bot: Restaurant unable to process your order. Payment declined.  
Cary: Shit, shit, shit. 

Her Conscience: Teaching you a lesson maybe?  
Cary: Umm, what do I do now?  
Her Conscience: Vaping is not going to help you out of this one.  
Just Eat Chat Bot: We are sorry for the inconvenience caused.  
Cary: Xena, come here kitty.  
Her Conscience: Yay! At least there will be no heartburn. Have a nap, you’ll feel better in an hour.  

Cary gets her grey blanket, arranges the pillows on the sofa and invites Xena up to join her.  

Cary: Zzzz. 

Whilst doing A105, Material, Texts and Culture with The Open University in 2017/2018, I had to write a short script adapted from a piece of historical writing. Basically, take two or three characters and give them names. And each line of dialogue starts with the letters of the alphabet, from A-Z. So, in essence, the script is twenty-six lines long. This is dedicated to the catering and hospitality industry, who kept us fed during lockdown when we couldn’t dine in public with our family and friends. I hope you enjoy reading this. I will be sharing this to my Facebook page first, so if you have any feedback, please leave your comments there. Constructive feedback only please. Once I have linked my Instagram and Twitters accounts to my new phone, I will be sharing the URL of this page in the coming week.

Take care Tiddlypeeps xxxx


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