A Day on The Psych Ward…

The following is a 26 line script that I wrote whilst hospitalised in a mental health unit, during lockdown in 2020. To keep myself occupied, I signed up to another FutureLearn course, Explore Filmmaking, this time with the National Film and Television school and the British Film Institute. This was a writing exercise for the course.

It was an extremely difficult time for patients and staff; patients weren’t allowed visitor’s rights, and staff were trying to cope their very best, under a horrendous strain. This particular piece deals with my own experience of having to sit on the naughty step, as I like to call it, in a seclusion room, for hours on end.

Warning: Contains bad language/deals with mental health. Please do not read on if you have been affected in any way.

Vall: Argh!  I can’t believe the headache I’ve got.  Paracetamol won’t shift this.

Animal: Bloody b@st@rd.  I’m surprised they didn’t smack her in the gob.

Tilda: C*nt – that’s what she said.  Did you hear her?

Vall: Don’t talk.  It will just rile her up again.

Animal: Ejitt.

Tilda: For Christ’s sake, throw her into seclusion.

Vall: Get’s my goat.  Anytime now she will be.

Animal: Hurry the f**k up with the orderlies.

Tilda: I know.  It’s hard to be around her right now.

Vall: Jesus.  I wish she would shut up.

Animal: Kindness.  Kill her with that?

Tilda: Love?  Wouldn’t that be better instead?

Vall: Might be.

Animal: No.  I don’t think that will be the answer.

Tilda: Or, what would be?

Vall: Prayers?

Animal: Quite.  Say them silently though.

Tilda: Right now?

Vall: Sally, you say them for her.

Animal: Try and find the bibles!

Tilda: Under which beanbag are they hidden?

Vall: Jay’s room?

Animal: Will go get them now.

Tilda: X-Men.  Call them too.

Vall: Yay.  Superheroes – always save the day.

Animal:  Zebedee’s on shift.  At least we will be able to sleep tonight.


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