Another character sketch from my FutureLearn course, Writing What You Know. This relates to how much the global pandemic has affected the NHS and their patients.

Dressed in a grey v-neck tunic and matching grey trousers, the dental nurse sat manning the reception desk, booking patients in for their appointments on a Tuesday afternoon.  Her hair was scraped up into a neat bun on the top of her head, the arch of her eyebrows defined by a dark brown pencil and foundation heavily masking pocked marked skin above her upper lip.  She was loud, obnoxious and brash when she spoke – no tact and diplomacy when asking patients to confirm whether their medical details had changed, or about their personal financial circumstances.  Whilst the other dental nurses were busy counting out paper cups destined for patients to rinse and spit later on; she was more concerned with making an outbound telephone to arrange the dental surgery’s Christmas night out. Jenny sat in her seat, having looked at the time on her phone for about the fifteenth time.  Her dental appointment was already running twenty minutes late; and it wasn’t as if the surgery was overrun with people that day.  She thought to herself that the dental nurse’s conversation on the telephone could have been made Wednesday lunchtime.


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