Still a member of the fortysomething club and the eternal student is taking a much needed break from The Open University.  After completing my third module with them, which was Creative Writing, I opted to change my degree pathway again.  This time I am specialising in BA (HONS) Arts & Humanities (Philosophy); which will give me greater flexibility when it comes to studying my final module.  I am currently on par for a 2.1, but my overall aim is for a First.

I am now a fully qualified Dog Groomer, having finished my OCN Diploma in August 2019.  However, it’s a difficult industry sector to get employed in, and I can understand why so many students choose to set up their own businesses post-qualification, and become their own boss.  Ultimately, this is where I want to head myself, but it will take time and money to do it.  In order for me to save for my own equipment, I am now looking to return to customer services full-time, and hopefully use my weekends for dog grooming.  To keep me out of mischief, I have set up a new website: https://thedoggroomingphilosopher.co.uk/

It’s still in its infancy, however, if you would like to stop by, then, you are very much welcome.  And if you wish to receive updates via email, you can subscribe to the mailing list.

Photography has pretty much gone on the back burner.  Having said this, I am travelling to New Zealand over the UK summer holidays, so I will certainly be sharing photos when I return.

As for music, I am still listening to Frank Turner, Stereophonics and Bruce Springsteen.  I don’t know whether it’s because I have turned 40 myself, but the lyrics to songs by The Boss really resonate with me now, much more than they ever did when I became a fan as an 1980s child.  Quite possibly because I have had more mid-life crisi than I care to remember.





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