Hmmm, this eternal student came to conclusion the other week that I am very much the academic.  Having completed my A222 Exploring Philosophy exam in June, I immediately jumped on the study bandwagon again and currently completing two online FutureLearn courses – Start Writing Fiction that I began in 2018, pre all things A215 Creative Writing, and from last year, Explore Filmmaking which is well, all about filmmaking and presented by the British Film Institute and the National Film and Television School.  I think that as an academic, I am extremely flighty at the moment about my career and what direction its headed in.  I finally start the final year of my degree in October and will be doing A363 Advanced Creative Writing.

To add to my dog grooming qualifications, I am looking to do the OCN Canine Care, Behaviour and Welfare Level 3 Diploma.  The online course has cropped up in my social media feed several times, and I have made enquiries with one learning provider.  Will have to read a few reviews on Trustpilot before making up my mind.  My other blog, http://www.thedoggroomingphilosopher.co.uk, is still going.  Unfortunately, I had to close down the Member’s Forum as the idea didn’t take off, and recently, I kept on being spammed by third-party essay writing companies.  You can still join the mailing list for post updates though.

When I last updated this page, I had high hopes of returning to New Zealand last year and rediscovering photography, but alas that was not meant to be due to global lockdown restrictions and border closures.  Whilst New Zealand has gradually returned to everyday life, here in the UK we are awaiting the next annoucements on Monday 19th July from our Prime Minister.  I wait with baited breath.


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