I’m about to join the fortysomething club in a few months time.  As my archive of posts show, I am as addicted to studying as ever.  In 2017, I changed my study pathway from a DipHe in Arts & Humanities to a BA (Hons) Arts & Humanities (Creative Writing and Philosophy) degree.  I am currently working towards completing my first Level 2 module, A215 Creative Writing.  Over the last two years, I have also completed a variety of short courses – refreshing my I.T. skills, learning about digital marketing, gaining my Level 1 Award in Understanding Enterprise and Business Planning with my local Chamber of Commerce, as well as completing my City & Guilds Level 2 Certificate for Dog Grooming Assistants.  My stationery haul has been enormous…I had so much that I put together a student starter kit for one of my cousins who is embarking on her studies in June.  It was most appreciated.

Photography still plays a big part in my life, and during the summer break, I plan to update my blog with photos taken from 2015 onwards up to the present day.  These will include countries I’ve visited and places I’ve been to in the UK and Northern Ireland.  And I still love my music, although I will admit to living in a permanent bubble of Indie/Brit-Pop from the mid-1990s.  The artists that get access all areas to that inner sanctum are Frank Turner and The Sleeping Souls and Stereophonics.

As a mature student, I am a big procrastinator at times, and love nothing more than binge-watching all the must-see TV shows.  Also, for the last two years, I have also been a member of a local cinema group who I met via the Meet-Up app.  I have lost count of the number of movies I have seen.  I have a habit of falling asleep during some of them – especially if the heating has been cranked up, or I have sent myself into a sugar coma from the pick n’ mix, or the film in question has a dark, oppressive atmosphere.

And dogs, I love dogs.  And, that for now, is it.


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