Jingle Bells…

Just a quick one folks.  The wooden hills of Bedfordshire are calling me, after an extremely long, but worthwhile day.  And it featured doggos galore.  Having put my studies with the OU on hold for this year to concentrate on my career as a Dog Groomer, many of you now know that I have started working part-time for a salon in Warrington.  I’m hoping to launch a separate blog January 2020, which will combine my love of furry four-legged friends, and that of Philosophy.  And it will simply be called, The Dog Grooming Philosopher.  I am hoping to feature well-meaning anecdotes as well as hints and tips from those I personally know who are also working in the same industry.  So, if any of my former fellow students wish to contribute their experiences of what it’s been like post-qualifications, then please send me a direct message through Facebook, or comment on my Facebook blog post.

For now, I bid you all a goodnight x x x

Hurrah for big decisions…

A quick post on this cold, wet November afternoon.  Yesterday, I made the decision to defer my Open University module A222 Exploring Philosophy so that I can commit to and concentrate my efforts in becoming a fully fledged dog groomer.  Whilst I had completed the first month’s study, I could only attempt the first half of my assignment.  After studying consistently since January 2017, I thought it was about time to give the old grey matter a break and enjoy the autumnal and winter evenings catching up with my favourite TV programmes.  And, erm, the odd game of Rummy-O whilst staying at Mum’s.

And speaking of TV programmes, I was overjoyed and overwhelmed with the final ever episode of The Affair.  Streaming via Now TV, I cried fat, salty tears throughout.  If you have never seen this award winning series, it’s highly recommended.  Over the last few weeks, I have been catching up with The Walking Dead, World On Fire, The Accident and re-watching the whole series of Luther and the first series of True Detective. 

This Saturday I am going to see The Good Liar starring Helen Mirren and Sir Ian McKellen with my cinema Meet-Up group and on Sunday I will be watching the live streaming event of the musical 42nd Street with Mum at my local Cineworld.

And next week I will be travelling down to see the delectable Mr B.  So, for now, I will say cheerio xxx


It’s Autumn…knee-high boot season…

Well hello there tiddlypeeps.  I trust I find you well at this late hour.  October has come around so quickly, and I am anticipating the arrival of the delectable Mr B and his son this Friday, for a fleeting visit to Liverpool.  The last three weeks have flown by, and a fab time was had by all during our September get together – which included visiting the Travelling Wine Merchant(s) (aka my friends Amy and Tim) at their stall in Ormskirk Market (Saturdays outside Nordico Lounge).  Highly recommended, especially as the wines that they sell are sourced from independently owned vineyards, and you will not find these bottles in the supermarkets.  The majority of wines are organic and vegan.  Lee and I shared a bottle of rose called Out of The Blue – which went down the old hatch rather too easily.  The blue tinted bottle is soooo pretty that it’s still stood by my kitchen sink (empty of course).  Amy and Tim have been working so hard these past few months to get their business off the ground, and it’s fantastic to see that it’s all beginning to pay off for them.  I look forward to having a catch up with them soon.

Later than evening, Lee and I went to watch Rambo: Last Blood – fair play to Sly Stallone for taking on the role of John Rambo once more; I generally don’t like giving spoilers to films, but yes, it’s a no-brainer of an action film.  On Sunday, Lee and I travelled down to the PATS Trade Show in Telford.  Worth going to if you work in the pet industry – lots of leaflets were picked up about ethical and sustainable products ranging from shampoos to pet food and beds for your pets made from recycled plastic that’s found in oceans around the world.  We sat in on two marketing seminars (and I left my phone behind at one of them, but thankfully it was handed into security) – the former was about increasing footfall into your business and the latter more focused on dog grooming itself.

The next morning, we headed up to Crosthwaite in the Lake District – we brought the weather with us to Tollerbank Farm, where we were greeted by the owner and her beautiful Border Collie pup Fonda, and then introduced to Rap and Cap.  Yes, ladies and gents, it was my turn to be a shepherdess for the morning – and you know what, it was bloody good fun!  I watched whilst Rap was sent out by the instructor to round up the sheep, and he was extremely fast.  Then it was my turn with Cap.  It’s difficult to explain on here exactly what I did, but I will share photos again on the link to my Facebook page.  Some of you will remember One Man and His Dog, typically shown on BBC Two on Sundays when I was a nipper, others may have watched this during Countryfile in recent times on BBC One.  So, yes, a lot like that, only using my voice to command Cap and having to project it really loudly across the paddock.  After I got my certificate, we headed to the village of Patterdale, the birthplace/namesake of Patterdale Terriers, had a bite to eat at The Traveller’s Rest in Glenridding; spent some time in Ambleside and Bowness-on-Windermere.  Lee and I also started watching Carnival Row on Prime Video in our downtime during the evenings.  I have two episodes to go, whilst Lee, has finished viewing Series 1.

Tuesday was bittersweet, Mum joined us for brunch and after Lee headed home, I went back to Mum’s.  It goes without saying that Our Lee is missed, always thought of and loved.  Ten years have gone in the blink of an eye.  Mum and I went out for a meal that evening to remember the times that we had with him.  Tom and Joe turned fifteen the following weekend, sharing their birthday with their Aunty Laura.

Open University started on October 5th.  Lots of philosophical questions to answer from the big thinkers…I’m enjoying the module materials so far, but feel overwhelmed by the combined tutor group I belong to.  We are just two weeks in, and already there have been over 200 posts on forum threads from my fellow students.  After I have caught up with this week’s study, I will set some time aside to read what’s relevant and contribute my thoughts on the empiricist agnostic, David Hume.

I also had a much needed get together with the girls from St John Rigby.  I mean, I refer to us as girls, even though we are all grown women now, with a collective age of 165 years.  We have been through so much during the course of our lives, and I love the fact that there’s still a close-knit bond there that has spanned the last 25 to 30 years.

And on this note, I shall bid you all a goodnight, and don’t let the bed bugs bite xxx