Photography: Where it all began….

One could argue that my interest in photography began when I travelled solo to New Zealand in 1999.  Armed with a Praktica compact film camera with a built-in flash, the type that would stamp your photographs with the time and date.  Whilst my relatives were out at work, I used to head on down to Mairangi Bay, Auckland and sit at the beach, looking out to the horizon, and taking snapshots of the waves lapping the sandy shore.

Fast forward to 2004, I embarked on an evening course in Black and White Film Photography at Skelmersdale College, to which I hold a OCNW Certificate and later in 2007, I studied at Wigan and Leigh College, and passed my NCFE in Creative Craft in Photography at Level 1.  For both of these courses, my portfolios were mainly taken in Edinburgh.  For me, nothing beats the experience of working within a darkroom, developing your own negatives, test strips and photographs.  In the years that I suffered from Writer’s Block, photography became an important outlet for me to express myself creatively without the need of words.

My first Film SLR camera was a used Praktica , and then I upgraded to a Canon EOS Film SLR and a Canon EOS Digital SLR, with interchangeable lenses – the model numbers at present escape me.  In the years since, I have experimented with the cameras within my mobile phones.  Sony Ericsson and HTC cameras being my favourite.  In the past I have also used a Sony Cybershot camera and a Canon Compact Digital camera.  As film photography has become lost in the world of ever-increasing technology, I have gone from using Ilford Gloss Paper, to ordering my photo collages online at  I’ve never been disappointed with the quality of the Gloss Fuji-Film Fujicolour Crystal Archive Paper.

Over the next few pages, you will find some of my favourite photographs that I’ve taken during my travels.  I tend not to edit my photos at all.  If I do, I use a Snapseed App on my HTC One M8.  I love the filters that the HTC One M8 comes with, however, I am not keen on the upgrade which happens nightly to the M9 camera – which takes the filters out of the equation.