Albufeira, Portugal 2013

Here are a selection of photographs taken during our second trip to Albufeira, Portugal.  This time, my partner and I were staying in relative walking distance between the Old and the New Town.  Again, the majority of the photographs were composed around the Old Town.  During this trip, I was pushing myself out of my comfort zone, and experimenting with the monochrome filter on my new HTC One M8 smartphone, as well as depth of field.  And I must have to confess that they were bourne out of a combination of anxiety and panic attacks, and one or two hangovers.  The photographs were more than just snapshots of our holiday, they were to form the basis of a portfolio, for me to edit on an Intermediate Digital Photography course I had enrolled on that September.

Domino's Bar, Albufeira

Rock n Beach


Beach near hotel

Neglected Garden

Walk On By

Hotel California