I have chosen 4 photographs from my two portfolios, that represent my best work at the time.  The first two photographs were originally taken in colour, and converted into black and white within the dark room.  The latter two photographs were shot using black and white film.

The first photograph was taken along Edinburgh’s Royal Mile, and I’ve called this one Braveheart On His Way Home From Work.  The subject matter was a gentleman who poses as William Wallace outside of Edinburgh Castle.

The second photograph is one of my favourites from the many Closes and Wynds off the Royal Mile.  All I need in this one is a ghost.

The third photograph was taken whilst I was walking down from the Royal Mile via The Mount.  I found the adverts on the side of the taxi cab intriguing.

The fourth photograph captures a string quarter busking outside of Marks and Spencer on Princes Street.  I’ve discovered over the years, when you are a tourist in busy cities, if the streets are crowded with people, it’s best to capture those people in your photographs, rather than waiting an age for the street to become clear.  Braveheart On His Way Home From Work_0001Closes And Wynds Behind The Royal MileTaxi CabString Quartet On Princes Street_NEW