New York, New York, February 2013

In February 2013, my Mum and I travelled to New York, New York, for a once in a lifetime trip.  We hadn’t been on holiday together since December 1996, our destination then was Paphos, Cyprus, which also included a 3 day mini-cruise, to Israel, Palestine, and Cairo, Egypt.  There is so much history to absorb and one can learn so much from being a passenger on when travelling via coach and then exploring on foot, seeing sights forever imprinted in your mind’s eye, and experiences that you will never, ever forget.  Such as witnessing the utter devotion at the Wailing Wall, and crossing the border to Palestine, and to Bethlehem, seeing the remnants of the war between the two nations along the roadside.  And seeing the juxtaposition of  wealth and prosperity versus abject poverty, travelling around the city of Cairo, and the City of The Dead.  Feeling overwhelmed, in the Museum of Cairo, after seeing Tutankhamun’s treasures, in awe that such relics were left behind, and questioning whether there is an afterlife or not.  The few photos that we took during those three days, were lost forever in 2006 during a house flood.

Having had a safe crossing  to JFK airport, via Manchester and Heathrow, we arrived via a NYC taxi cab at Radio City Apartments, which was to be our home for the next 6 days, a 2 minute walk from Times Square.  For as long as I can remember, I had always wanted to go to New York.  My obsession with this city was fuelled by a love of gangster films such as The Godfather Trilogy, Once Upon A Time in America, Goodfellas, and Carlito’s Way, not to mention Taxi Driver and ultimately, and my passion for architecture.  We had a full itinerary for that week, which included The Empire State Building, The Rockefeller Plaza, Grand Central, Central Park, taking in two shows on Broadway, Jersey Boys and Nice Work If You Can Get it,  a cruise down the Hudson River; several hop-on hop-off buses touring Uptown and Downtown Manhattan, The Projects, Harlem, Brooklyn (by day and by night) and also the 9/11 Memorial.  Ellis Island and The Statue of Liberty was closed to visitors due to the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

One of my work colleagues lent me his digital Canon Compact Camera for the trip, and I’ll always be grateful to him for that, and I relied on my old HTC smartphone as well to take my photographs.  I’ve included here, my four favourite shots taken with my HTC camera, and with the Canon.

Times Square

This one was taken in Times Square, using the solarise filter.  I really enjoyed experimenting with this filter and I like the overall effect.

The photo below was taken from the Observation Deck on the 86th Floor of The Empire State Building, focused upon where the World Trade Centre and the Twin Towers once stood.  I’d used the monochrome filter here, and angled the camera between the mesh railings.

The Empire State Building, 86th Floor

The next two pictures were also taken in Times Square, again, using the solarise and polarise filters.

Times Square

Times Square