Studio Work and Portraiture – Black and White Film

Included here are a selection of portraits of fellow students taken in the studios both at Skelmersdale College and also at Wigan and Leigh College.  I have also uploaded my take on Man Ray’s Ingres’ Violin.  In amongst this portfolio are my favourite photographs of my nephews, Thomas Reynolds and Joseph Reynolds, taken on their second birthday.

The first set of portraits were taken at Skelmersdale College.  We each in turn had to take a seat and pose for the camera.  I am naturally camera-shy, and find it difficult for other people to take my photograph.   Although that hasn’t stopped me from taking my own self portraits with my mobile phone, back in the day when the term “selfie” wasn’t even used as it is today.

The second set of portraits are of my fellow student Andy McCollough at Wigan and Leigh, we were lab partners whilst on the course.

The following two images are of a friend of one of my fellow students at Wigan and Leigh, posing as Ingres.  The clef motifs were cut out of black paper and stuck onto her back.  I am proud of my interpretation of such a famous photograph.

And last but not least, are my nephews.  The first photograph shows the boys being handed their birthday cake and the second and third photograph shows both Thomas and Joseph having their bedtime bath, in the kitchen sink, which was extremely popular within my family.  The photographs were taken at my Grandad’s house, which my Mum now occupies.

Skelmersdale College Studio Portrait Number One_NEW Skelmerdale College Studio Portrait Number Two Wigan and Leigh Studio – Andy McCollough 1 Wigan and Leigh College Studio Work – Andy McCollough 2 Wigan and Leigh College Studio Work – Andy McCollough 3 Wigan and Leigh College Studio Work – Andy McCollough 4 Wigan and Leigh College Studio – Ingres’ Violin Wigan and Leigh College Studio – Ingres’ Violin_0001 Thomas and Joseph Reynolds – Second Birthday Joseph Reynolds – Bathtime Thomas Reynolds – Bathtime