The Creative Inner Child That Lurks Inside: Poetry

Before I subject anyone who may be residing within the vastness that we call cyberspace to my somewhat cringeworthy adolescent poems written by my own hand, I think it’s best I give a little bit of a background as to how the poems came about.

Creative writing has always been a passion of mine since primary school, however it only really started to take off during high school.  During the early 1990’s heyday of Take That, and whilst my peers where going off to watch Gary, Jason, Robbie, Howard and Mark in concert, I was more than happy to stay at home glued to my PC, making up short stories about my said peers going out on romantic dates with the said members of Take That.  I am glad to say that none of these stories survived, they were written purely for my own amusement, and the only short story that does survive from this point in time, is Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad.  This story was written after spending far too many hours listening to Meatloaf, whilst enjoying many, many singalongs to that song in the bath.

Anyways, I digress.  An avid reader, as a teenager I was heavily influenced by Sue Townsend and Adrian Mole, and Virginia Andrews, and of course it goes without saying, The Great Bard, William Shakespeare.  My poems were often centred on a particular male that I had a crush on at the time during high school and also sixth form college.  Dead Poets Society was one of my favourite films, starring the much missed Robin Williams and Ethan Hawke, and inspired me to write more.   As I progressed through my sixth form years, my poems became, at least to me, profoundly deep.

So here we go, mention no names, and I hope you enjoy reading my anthology of teenage angst and unrequited love.