My Anthology of Teenage Angst and Unrequited Love (Continued. Part 2)


You’ll Never Escape Me –  June 23rd 1994

No matter where you go,

You’ll never escape me.

No matter where you hide,

It’s you I shall find.

Whether you know it or not,

I’m right here beside you.

You probably don’t know,

That I’m deep down inside.

When you feel like crying,

I’ll stop your tears from falling.

When you are down,

I’ll lift you back up.

No matter where you are,

You’ll never escape me,

For I’m in your blood.


Like A Tree –  June 23rd 1994

My love for you is like a tree,

Growing forever inside of me.

To full growth it will bloom,

And I hope it will happen

someday soon.


Then I can let for yourself to see,

Just what’s been growing inside of me.

I may even let you have a part,

Only if you promise not to break my heart.


I Am The Breath –   June 23rd 1994

I am the breath

That you take each day,

Without me

You won’t last,

You’ll wither away.


You are my soul

That I depend on.

You are my life

The reason I carry on.


We need each other

To carry us through

This life which is important

To me and to you.


No Longer Friends – Circa. 1995

What happens between two friends

when the trust is gone?

We sit in silence not talking

to one and other.

We walk away from a friendship

that’s been built up over the years.


I’ve just lost my friend and I really

don’t know why.

He’s changed and I can’t admit it.

Why can’t I bring myself to talk to him?

I’m stubborn, that’s why. Possibly

because I’m jealous.

Losing his friendship is like losing

a part of me.

I’m no longer happy and he’s not here to cheer me up.

He’s not here to listen to my problems

but maybe I deserve it.


There was this one time that he needed


And I just couldn’t be bothered to

give him the time of day.

I just didn’t want to listen.

Now I need him more than ever

but he just doesn’t want to know.

I want to get through to him but

I don’t know how.

He remains in my heart, but he

doesn’t care for me anymore.

I want our friendship back.

If only he could see it in his heart to forgive.


Bonfire Night – Circa. 1991

Remember last year’s Bonfire Night?

The treacle toffee a child’s delight.

The fireworks were lit on the spot

The baked potatoes were nice and hot

Young and old gathered round

To see the rocket shoot off the ground.

The bangers went off to the sky

The catherine wheels never stopped

Whilst people tried to eat their hot dogs

The sparklers shone nice and bright

– I really enjoyed last year’s Bonfire



The Compassionate Saviour –  April 18th 1996 (Inspired by TV Series ‘Band of Gold’)

I woke one morning to find you beside me,

together in a bed of roses.

The thorns were cast to one side

and you lay there sleeping like an angel.

God, they say, moves in mysterious ways.


Carefully, I slid out from beneath

the red satin sheets which

Bore the passion of the previous night;

you did not even stir as I placed a

Gentle kiss upon your lips.


Quietly I crept out of the bedroom,

leaving the door slightly ajar.

The beating of your heart echoed

and there were traces of your scent

That lingered in my mouth.


The morning sun shone brightly

as I walked down stairs that creaked

In this deserted house you call a home,

and the mirror at the end of the hall

Searched for answers that couldn’t be found.


A pink envelope rested upon the kitchen

table, bearing my name in a beautiful

Script.  I opened it whilst drinking the

dregs of a bottle of wine, inside I

Found a letter and wad of ten pound notes.

My heart pounded as I read aloud your words.


You thanked me for taking you to

the brink of paradise and back again.

No-one had thanked me before, I was just

left discarded like a broken toy.

Yet you yourself were different.


You, my one time compassionate saviour, were

to be remembered, I reminded myself,

Closing the front door whilst you remained

asleep in a bed of sweet-smelling roses.

Free of thorns, subconsciously aware

that you would never taste me again.


I Was A Stranger In A Strange Land – Circa. 1996

The rhythm of his love grew faint.

I could no longer talk with him like

I used to in times of old.

I was a stranger in a strange land

as we lay there in the cold unconsciousness of

our marital bed.


He no longer cared for love and romance.

He was past his lustful cravings for me, ‘You’ he told me ‘are not

quite the beauty you once were’.

His words cut through me like a

razor-sharp knife, my tears were

the constant flow of blood.


I, left abandoned, he went off

in search for a younger model.

Someone who could satisfy his

manly desires, if you could call

them that.


Oasis Of Your Heart – Circa.1996

In the Oasis of your heart

is there any room for me?

For I would like to stay there

and drink from the eternal

River you call love….


Love that’s pure, simple and true

so I ask of you to save

Some for me so I can drink

to my heart’s delight.


A Wicked World (2nd Draft) – April 21st 1996

Charge me with any crime you like

but there shall be no confession

from me.

I am not going to apologise for

something I have not done.

You haven’t a clue as to what went on.


I am not the one who is guilty

but I will be the one on trial.

There is no justice in a world

that let’s the sinners carry on sinning,

Whilst death is brought to the innocent,

innocent people like me.


Your Love – April 29th 1996

There is something that I need

but I can’t describe what it is.

It belongs to you, that’s all I know

and I don’t think I’ll ever get it.

If I could have it, it would be

enough forever to make you mine.


I worship you that’s all.

There’s not a minute that goes by

without me thinking of you.

I want you so much it hurts



Will you be mine for eternity

or is that simply too long a time

to ask?

For I love you with my mind,

body and soul.  But most of all

with my heart.  That is all I can

offer you in return for your love.


Untitled and Unfinished – Circa. 1996

Next to me you lie awake and

disturbed.  I want to comfort you

but as I touch your chest I am

pushed away by your hand.  Are

you telling me that this is no longer

my territory, and I am

banished from the land I once



Living In Lust With You – Circa. 1995/1996 

Waiting by the phone

is an unpleasant thing to do

Especially when he says he will


And it breaks your heart

when he doesn’t.


But when he does eventually

pluck up the courage to

dial your number,

You secretly wish that he

hadn’t bothered,

because now you can’t eat

and you can’t sleep.

All you can think about is

seeing him again