My Anthology Of Teenage Angst And Unrequited Love – Continued

A Wicked World – January 16th 1996

Charge me with any crime you wish

But there will be no confession

from me

I am not going to apologise for

something I have not done

I am the only one who knows

what really went on.


In this world there is no justice,

I am not guilty

but I shall be the one on trial

In this world

that lets the sinners carry on sinning

And brings death to the



Asylum In My Soul – January 16th 1996

Insanity is all mine,

from the moment I lie awake,

Up until the last breath I shall take.

There’s no escape for me now,

the nightmare I’m living

out is real.

At night in the abyss it

twists all my fears,

And there shall be no looking back,

as the tears once again turn

into salt.

Oh yes, insanity is all mine

From the hour that dawn breaks

Up until the point where all time

begins to fade.


Boredom – Circa. 1996

Boredom eats away your soul

Being bored stops you doing what

your really want.

Boredom takes over when you’re


Being bored is an excuse I’ll use

to the end of my days.


Untitled and Unfinished (1) – Circa. 1996

Let me tell you

how much I care

Let me inside your heart

I’ll never let you down.

I’ll be here for you

Until the end of time

If I have to wait forever

then I will.

Just let me get close to you

‘Cause I can’t bear the

emptiness that I feel inside.


Stay with me

Through the night and

keep warm by my side.

In the morning you’ll be gone

and all I’ll have left is this



There’s Nothing – 1993

There is nothing like his smile,

I love it when he smiles at me.

There’s nothing like his eyes,

Shining when he looks at me.

There’s nothing like his voice,

Sending shivers down my spine when he talks

to me.

There’s nothing like his touch,

I love it when he touches me.

There’s nothing like his laugh,

I love it when he laughs with me.

There’s nothing like his kiss,

I die each time he kisses me.

There’s nothing like his presence,

It feels so good to have him near me.


The Seducer – February 11th 1996

Beside me he weeps

for a lost love.

His soul is in turmoil

and he’s feeling ever so vulnerable.

The flame in his eyes

is slowly beginning to fade

And the tears are falling fast

down his bittersweet cheeks

that I long to caress.

He is weak and I am tempted.


I long to kiss his trembling lips

and put him at ease.

I could never compare with she,

but time is of the essence,

I’m here now and she isn’t.

My heart is crying out ‘Carpe Diem’

but I can’t because he’s not ready.

He needs time to get over her,

she is lingering on in his memory.

Next time he will be mine.


Words Into Action – February 11th 1996

Say what you want

but it won’t really matter to me.

The words you speak

no longer have the meaning they used to.

The time has for

you to put your words into action

And show me just how much

you really care.


Our College Library – September 1994

‘Don’t have conversations in the Library’

Says the Librarian for the fifth time

in the last ten minutes.

We, that’s my friends and I

continue talking until we’ve been told

to get on with some work.


Every now and then I put my pen down

To observe what is going on around me.

I glance over to the door and see

A rather nice-looking lad who has

Just come in –

He goes upstairs. Shit!  Just my luck.

I look over to see the ‘Debbie Martin’

lookalike talking to her friends.


I’m sitting next to Rob, who has

long hair.

Sometimes I get the urge to put plaits in it.

But I won’t right now.

I’ll just sit here, until the bell rings

And then I’ll go and wait for the bus.


My Mate Rob – Circa.1993

My mate Rob has long hair

which is lovely to touch or brush,

and dark brown eyes that sparkle

when he smiles.

He makes me laugh when I’m feeling


He listens to me when I moan,

which is quite often.

How he puts up with me, I do not know.


My mate Rob is very caring,

Which is why he’s such a good friend –

Not just to me, but to everyone.

I can talk to him about anything,

And he always listens to what I

have to say.


I don’t know what I’d do without my

mate Rob.

I can’t imagine life without him.

Wherever he goes or whatever he does.

I will always love him.

(Written during high school, before we had a major falling out in sixth form college)