My Anthology Of Teenage Angst And Unrequited Love

The majority of the poems within this anthology have titles, however there are one or two that do not.  Between 1991 and 1996, I wrote approximately 37 poems.  I have kept the poems for all of these years in a notebook that I purchased from The Body Shop.

Untitled (1) – November 22nd 1994

He’s leaving and there’s nothing I can do

to stop him from going.

If leaving makes him happy, then fine.

There’s just nothing that I can do

I’ll think of him always

Every night and every day

I’ll dream of him always

Wishing that he will stay –

But he won’t –

And I’m the fool to think that he will.

Untitled (2) – November 20th 1994

How happy am I when I see his face,

It’s like I’m walking on cloud nine;

Whenever her says hello to me,

The stars in the sky explode

and fill me with joy,

Whenever he glances my way.

I long to tell him

How much he means to me,

And how good it feels inside

To have him near.

I want to talk to him,

Yet I can’t find the words

That I need to say.

I dream of him at night.

He whispers in the darkness that he wants

me as much as I want him.

He quotes his undying love for me

And tells me that every inch of his body

is crying out for my being.

His words are spoken with such ferocity

As he says to me “You are my only will to live”

How it saddens my heart

When I have to wake and return to reality.

If only my dreams could be made real

And that he would love me

As much as I love him!

Afraid – December 1995

He’s not perfect, I know,

but whenever I see him,

My heart skips ten thousand beats.

I long to be able to talk to him,

but I’m afraid that when I

Open my mouth, the words will come out wrong.

I want to be able to smile at him,

but I know if he notices,

I will start to blush.

I want to be able to get to know him better

but I’m afraid that he won’t

Want to know me.

Venus Makes Me A Libra – January 10th 1996

Gazing up at the ceiling, I start to

wonder if it’s all for real.

In the distance a clock ticks away

as the thoughts become entwined

inside my brain, and

I question myself like I’ve never

done before.

My existence is no longer apparent,

the universe is a part of me and

not the other way around.

The echo of his voice travels up

the three flights of stairs and

eventually reaches my eardrums.

Paralysis has already set in,

since I refuse to emerge out from

within this coocoon.

My soul lingers on as the

celestial nights turn into

listless days

Untitled (3) – January 11th 1996

Tonight I will go to sleep

in the darkness and

Not knowing what dreams

will come,

I shall be alone in my fears.

If I shall wake to find you

there in the morning

It would be all of my dreams

come true.

Togethers we can overcome my fears,

For I shall be with you.

Accidents Happen – December 1995

Not so long ago, I accidently

bumped into you.

I was walking so quickly that

I didn’t even bother to look

ahead of me.

There was a smile but

no apology was made.

We both went our separate ways.

Since then I have thought

constantly about you,

about who you are and where

you live.

I watch you in secret

My eyes follow you everwhere

Sometimes I fear that you

have noticed me looking at


For weeks I dreamt about you

but I didn’t know your name.

You became a beautiful, nameless

face in my dreams.

Being told your name was like

receiving good news from an angel.

I love to write your name down

on paper and enclose it

in a big red heart,

My heart.

One day I’ll gather up enough

courage to talk to you.

Maybe I’ll have the chance to

tell you how much you’re

loved – by me.

I’m sure we’ll get to know each other,

and one day we will be friends.

But for now I’m happy just to

see your face and know your name.

A Short Poem – January 11th 1996

Snog me senseless

Until my lips

Melt away with